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Ave Alegre Apothecary is a collection of Vibrational Essences, Body products and Sacred Perfumery. It is a unique co-creation which uses the synergistic power of Plant Intelligence and Nature’s Elements . We offer a variety of original blends and individuals may also  order custom blends if they choose to select favorite fragrances or we can customize according to personalities and personal preferences. 


The essences are packaged in a variety of Roller Ball Bottles and Miron Glass bottles. The Roller ball bottles are a popular and convenient application and the Miron glass is an additional alternative  known for safeguarding  the vibrational qualities of each element that is used in the custom blends. Since one of the aspects of the blend has to do with maintaining the high frequency of the oils…Miron glass is the best solution for that since it is violet and violet  shows the highest vibrational frequency of all colors (720-770 billion Hertz). This corresponds exactly to the vibrational frequency of our central nervous system. In addition, since Miron glass has a high preservation capacity, the integrity of the oils and essences in our products are protected. Just let us know which bottle you prefer.


We invite you to learn about the importance of incorporating oils and natural perfumery into your daily self care routine. All custom orders come with both a detailed explanation of utilizing the oils, as well as  a list of the properties of the essences that have been chosen. We offer classes on making your own products using oils and plants and you can attend solo or organize a group of friends and make it into a fun event. We offer fragrance parties for groups or themed gatherings where guests can create their own blends using our fragrance bar.


 All of our products are Energetically infused, Artistically created and Consciously Curated in Sacred Space with Reverence, Benevolence and Love.


To order our products or inquire about a custom blend or fragrance party please give Kathleen a call at (512) 659-7945 or you can e-mail us at avealegrestudios@gmail.com


Lavender infused Calendula Salve-

This is a soothing ointment that it is created with super moisturizing oils, Calendula Flower and the soothing essence of Lavender. Calendula Flower has been used by many people to help with inflamed muscles, minor scrapes, chapped or chafed skin and other minor irritations. 


.5gram mini~$3

4oz. Jar~$12

Lip Nectar-

Italian Lemon and Rose, Ylang Ylang Geranium Lime, Organic Italian Forest Honey, Passion fruit

A sheer luscious moisturizing blend of lip emollients softly fragranced with enticing oils.


.5 grams mini ~$3

0.25 oz glass jar or tin~$6




Lavender Absolute Body Butter-

A rich moisturizing formula for the body which has been infused with Lavender Absolute. Absolutes are much more intense and lasting than an essential oil…they are floral essences at their truest and most concentrated. Just a few drops transports you to Fragrance Heaven!  


.5 gram mini~$3

4 oz. Jar~$12


A synergistic blend of 9 amazing oils known for their regenerative properties. Helichrysum which is also called "Immortelle" is one of the stars of this blend. In addition to the wonderful helichrysum there is rose hip seed oil, rose otto, neroli, carrot seed oil, frankincense, lemon, cistus and lavender. Apply 2-4 drops to face and décolleté morning and evening. 

Available in 5ml exclusive Miron glass bottle with Swarovski crystal embellishment. 


This natural perfume evokes feelings of pleasure...transporting you on clouds of Citrus, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Sandalwood to a secret island of bliss and serenity. It is calming and sensuous...a favorite for all who are lured by it's beauty!

Available in 5ml and 10ml Rollerball Bottles



This is a carefully curated blend of 6 oils from roots and tree resins which have amazing "grounding" and strengthening properties. This is excellent when you feel lightheaded or have scattered energy. It is a good oil to use on the soles of the feet or to inhale when you need some stability.

Available in 5ml and 10ml Rollerball Bottles



  "Immortelle Facial Nectar"


Profound Pleasure

"Down to Earth" Grounding  Formula

This luxurious natural perfume is an amazing blend of over a dozen rich oils fit for wearing when you want to feel like royalty! This perfume is a blend of intense florals, spices and a rich vanilla sandalwood and it was inspired by my stay at a castle in Ireland called The Lough Eske Castle. It was a memorable stay in a room of luxury complete with a playful ghost! That is why I call this one a "hauntingly" elevated fragrance!

Available in 5ml and 10ml Rollerball Bottles



"A Night at the Castle"

Customer Favorite

Sacred Essence-

A Conscious blend of 4 ancient oils , 2 herbal oils ,  1 resin oil, and one exceptional rare organic rose oil.


Available in 5ml and 10ml Miron glass bottle or Rollerball Bottles




This is one of a series of 7 Color related essences designed to work in tandem with the corresponding energy systems in the body.

Color Benefits: Green connects our 3 higher energy centers to our 3 lower energy centers…”As above, so below”. This is where we get in touch with our core being. Green opens us to healthy relationships, personal balance, compassion and generosity. Green gives a feeling of expansiveness. This blend is good for heart issues and unbalanced relationships.

Fragrance profile: Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, Bergamot

Suggested Application: Upper chest, Upper arms, Upper back

Intention to hold while applying and/or inhaling the  Essence: “I am Loved and Balanced"

Available in 10ml Rollerball Bottle embellished with an Emerald Swarovski crystal rhinestone

Price: $30


A synergistic blend of 10 oils and 1 gem elixir carefully and consciously created. Available in 5ml and 10ml Rollerball Bottles...embellishments vary. Featured in photo bottle is embellished with a pyrite stone and a Swarovski crystal in Light Colorado topaz.

Available in 5ml and 10ml Rollerball Bottles



"Prosperity Blend"

A Delicious Blend of French Cacao and Organic coffee. Cacao oil has wonderful anti-oxidant properties for the skin and it is known to lessen stress and uplift the spirits. Organic coffee oil is good for increasing blood flow. It is considered to be an energizing oil and has been known to comfort insect stings and is also considered a wonderful mood enhancer.

It is particularly effective applied between the thumb and index finger as well as the nape of the neck.... But just inhaling the aroma will put you in a good mood!


Available in 5ml and 10ml Rollerball Bottles



"Afternoon Delight"

Green Essence "Heart" Blend


Customer Favorite

Customer Favorite

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