Super Brain Yoga

     Super Brain yoga is a simple but very effective technique based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture. It is considered a great way to revitalize yourself and sharpen your memory and concentration. 


     This ancient Hindu practice has been further developed and introduced to the public more recently by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. According to Master Choa, the brain is what he calls a "Living Battery" which must be recharged so it can retain memory and intelligence values.


     Dr. Eugenius Ang, a Yale neurobiologist, has done extensive research on the subject of superbrain yoga and its effects on the brain. According to the Dr. Ang, the earlobes are acupuncture points that stimulate neural pathways in the brain on opposite sides of the earlobes. Using our opposite hands for pinching the earlobes may have something to do with how our subtle energies are arranged. Dr. Ang took EEG readings after doing the exercise and what was revealed was that the right and left hemispheres of the brain had become synchronized.

     Researchers maintain that the technique of superbrain yoga uses principles that increase memory and intelligence and can make one a better thinker. They concur that the energy that is generated also balances out the other energies of the throat, heart and forehead.

     In addition, several reports mention how children with, Autism, learning disabilities, Down Syndrome and, developmental and cognitive problems like ADHD/ADD have reported an increase in performance and became more active in participation with class activities. Super Brain Yoga has been known to help reduce hyperactivity, increase class performance, improve social skills and fine tune focus and attention.


     Super Brain Yoga is a great tool for children, adults, doctors, teachers, parents, and therapists.

3 Minutes a day and increased that's a "no-brainer"!




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