Location: Ave Alegre Studios
Manor, Tx 
Age: 7+

Dates: June 1-5 & June 8-12

Time: M-F 8:30-3:00 (with art show and performance starting at 3:00 on Friday)
Price: $275 per week ($260 sibling discount)

Come have some fun in the forest!!! This will be an art making and beginner songwriting camp. Kids will participate in both Art and Music but will get to choose which areas they will participate more in or they can spend equal time in both areas. There will be alot of flexibility. We will be doing Paper Mache, Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylic painting and more..... for the art part and beginner songwriting for the music part. We will also be practicing some Spanish basics throughout the day. All activities will have an easier option or a more challenging option to allow them to be age and skill appropriate. All materials will be provided. A Snack & drink will be provided as well. Kids must bring their lunch. We are located just outside of Austin in Manor Texas on a beautiful 12-acre property full of trees and wildlife. Perfect for getting kids creativity flowing. 

Payment Info will be sent out via email at a later date after registering.

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Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the uncertainty of how things will unfold we will not be charging anybody right now. Payment information will be sent at a later date once we confirm that the summer camp will indeed take place. This registration is just to save your spot. Spaces will be limited so we will notify you if you will be added to a waiting list. Please click the link below to register