Artisanal Fragrance Bar- Learn how to make your own custom fragrance to tantalize your senses using oils derived from plants, flowers and herbs. 




"Whimsical Journaling"- Come create your own personalized journal and get inspired to fill all the pages.




"Eloquent Embers"- Beginners charcoal drawing class. Learn the magic of fire and wood to make your own charcoal drawing sticks to create your own dramatic masterpeice.  




"Feast in the Forest"- Al fresco dining with a unique indigenous twist. An adventure for your taste buds.




"Chit Chat Charla"- Spanish immersion classes- Classes are offered in the areas of art, cooking, gardening, crafts, and nature activities. The easiest way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in it. At The Cosmic Beet we like to have fun. What better way to learn Spanish than to immerse yourself in a fun activity while practicing your Spanish skills.




"Tea and Sympathy" Sip, Create, Release- Painting and Tea making are the perfect combination for creating a blissful afternoon. Learn how to make healthy healing teas and create a canvas of sublime creativity under the guidance of one of our resident artists. Expressing emotions through art is a wonderfully therapeutic exercise. This is a great opportunity to be embraced by the healing powers of tea and mesmerized by the power of artistic creation. 




"Teas and Trees"-Come enjoy a cup of delicious herbal tea with us. Embrace the beauty of the trees and celebrate it in your own unique painting. This class is offered in a variety of different mediums watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, collage etc...

















Are you more comfortable taking a class in Spanish? Would you like to learn Spanish or practice your conversational Spanish? Would you like your child to learn Spanish in a fun and creative environment? If you answered yes to any of these...we are pleased to offer our classes and workshops in Spanish as well as English. We make practicing Spanish and conversing fun and on your next trip to Spain or Latin America you will feel like a pro ordering your meal!